Future Investing, Tech Mogul Films, and Building Referral Networks

How to Save Money - 23 Tips That Work

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📈 Trend Tracker

5 Ultracheap Stocks Undervalued by More Than 50% to Buy: These stocks may appeal to investors with long time horizons and an appetite for risk.

3 Savvy Investment Strategies Used by the Wealthy: This is where the wealthy put their money.

3 ways to evaluate a company's debt to help judge the risk of buying its stock: Debt in a vacuum is useless. Instead, we need to think about leverage.

🏠 Hot or Not?

Your guide to building profitable referral networks: Get the inside track on building the referral network that could be the difference maker for you as a mortgage broker.

How to Find the Perfect Downsized Home for You in Today's Market, According to Experts: Looking for a smaller home? Here's when experts say you should start your search when you've decided it's time to downsize.

The ups and downs of leveraging AI in real estate: Whether for the good or the bad, artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, including in the real estate industry, where it is commonly used to market and sell homes.

Crypto Chronicles 💥

The key to successful films on tech moguls Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried? Go dark and unauthorized: News is circulating online that A24 wants Darren Aronofsky to turn Walter Isaacson's authorized biography on Elon Musk into a feature film.

Investing in the Future - The Pros and Cons of DeFi Coin: The emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Crypto Exchange Kraken Helps UK Police Return $2 Million to Scam Victims: Kraken has partnered with the UK's South East Regional Organised Crime Unit to return nearly £2 million worth of crypto to scam victims.

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💸 Money Moves 💰

What happens to your HSA money when you die? Health savings accounts can be tapped by a surviving spouse. For other beneficiaries, the tax benefits go away.

Steps you take in the heart of holiday season could be a gift come tax bill time: While taxes may be the last thing on your mind during the holiday season, small steps you take now may result in big savings on your 2023 tax bill.

How to Save Money - 23 Tips That Work: Get ready to learn how to save money with 23 tips you can start working on—like right now.

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