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📈 Trend Tracker

How to Know What Stocks to Invest In - A Beginner's Guide: Navigating the stock market can seem daunting for beginner investors. In fact, determining what stocks to invest in is often a major hurdle.

3 Strong Buy Stocks Set to Take Off in the Coming Months: These three “Strong Buy” stocks are some of the top recommended companies by analysts today.

Indo Tech Transformers Limited's Stock Is Going Strong - Is the Market Following Fundamentals?: Indo Tech Transformers has had a great run on the share market with its stock up by a significant 21% over the last three months.

🏠 Hot or Not?

Secrets to Realtor Success: RE/MAX Ready’s Eric Rehling shares secrets to a realtors success from his his Luxury Real Estate Course.

‘Silver tsunami’ may free up homes for younger buyers: Meredith Whitney, an analyst who called the 2008 housing market crash, is predicting a “silver tsunami” is in the real estate market's future.

Realtor Influencers Are Freaking Out After $1.8 Billion Conspiracy Lawsuit: A class action lawsuit successfully argued that realty companies illegally conspired to create a system that is more expensive for home sellers.

Crypto Chronicles 💥

Top U.S. Bitcoin ETF Absorbs $240 Million Inflows As Spot ETF Excitement Rages: The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) – the largest existing Bitcoin ETF in the United States – has absorbed a quarter of a billion dollars worth of flows over the past month.

3 theses that will drive Ethereum and Bitcoin in the next bull market: Cryptocurrency is going to break out of its bubble and reach critical mass thanks to layer-2 blockchains — and a couple of other factors.

Boston Consulting Group Disagrees With Musk That AI Will Replace Workers: An experiment conducted at the Boston Consulting Group found that AI tools can improve productivity by complementing human workers.

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💸 Money Moves 💰

How Many Savings Accounts Can You Have? Pros and Cons of Multiple Accounts: The best savings account interest rates are the highest they've been in years, and you may be tempted to open a second account.

Holiday Tipping Guide - Who to Tip and How Much: The ultimate holiday tipping guide to help you remember who you should tip this season and how much to give them.

'Psychology of Money' author Morgan Housel on his new book — and why you should get comfortable with volatility: Morgan Housel, author of the best-selling "Psychology of Money," is back with more real-life tales imparting wisdom about wealth and the wider world we live in.

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